Best Online Traffic School submits your traffic school completion electronically to the court and DMV, the same day you make your payment. This is to avoid any delays and give students peace of mind that their part is done. This means if you require any changes to your certificate or would like us to resubmit it, then you will have to pay a fee.

If you have to re-submit your traffic school course results to the DMV and Court, OR if you need to edit your information after you have paid, then the resubmission and reissuance of your certificate will be subject to a $6.99 fee.

To request a change or resubmission, please email and we will respond within 24 hours.

Some Examples of Situations Subject to the Fee:

  1. You need to re-submit because you paid the court after paying us.

  2. There was an error in the information provided by you.

  3. Your certificate was rejected by the court.

  4. You submitted your traffic school past the due date.

Please carefully review your information BEFORE paying, make sure you are eligible and you have paid your court fees.

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