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Do You Offer Same Day Submission To The DMV And Court?
Do You Offer Same Day Submission To The DMV And Court?

Do you offer same day processing to the DMV and Court?

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Yes, we offer same-day submission to the DMV and your selected court. This submission cost is included in our $19.99 course fee.

As long as you complete the course and make payment before or on your due date, you will get credit for successful completion.

The Court and DMV systems receive your certificate the same day we send it. Your certificate is date and time stamped by the court when they receive it.

Your Certificate does not instantly appear in your local court's computer system. A court administrator must download your certificate from the central computer database before your local court can see it. Depending on the court, this can take a few days to a few weeks. 

Here's why you shouldn't pay extra for expedited submission

Most traffic schools charge extra for expedited or same day submission, otherwise you are subject to a 3 day submission time. The 3 days is the maximum time allowed by California law. 

However, since you are credited for the completion date and not the processing date, it doesn't matter when your case is processed or received by the court. Unless these schools are changing the completion date to the submission date, which is just dishonest.

What's the difference between submission and processing?

The only thing traffic schools can do is submit, they cannot pay the court extra or request the court to to process faster. There is no expedited processing in the California court system.

Processing is a completely independent process. Some courts will close the cases quickly and others can take weeks. If you submit earlier, your case could close earlier but it doesn't matter since you've fulfilled the obligation based on the completion date.

That's why we decided to not charge our customers for same-day processing. It's a sneaky fee that takes advantage of people by creating fear, uncertainty and doubt.

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