Legally, you are responsible for following the status of your case and making sure it gets closed. We do not provide any case status notifications or updates in our $9.99 price. Neither the court nor the DMV sends notifications about cases.

1. Case Status Update Service

We have launched an optional case status notification service where we send you updates as your case progresses, until it is closed. This option is available for most courts.

We will send you email updates when your completion is submitted (with proof), is being processed and your case is closed by the court. You sign up for this new service on the checkout page or by emailing us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

2. Check Your Case Status Yourself

You can check your case status calling the court clerk, or by appearing in court. These options vary from county to county.

Some courts are quite backlogged and it could take months to clear. 

Note: Please allow the court up to 8 weeks after course completion to process your certificate. However, you are credited for the completion date, not the processing date.

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