Yes you do have to plead guilty to go traffic school. You will then have to pay the traffic fine, a court administrative fee in order to take traffic school

However, if you choose to not plead guilty, you may also get the option of going to traffic school.

If you get a traffic ticket and believe you’re not guilty, go to court on the date and time listed on your ticket or the notice the court mailed to you.

In court, the judge or judicial officer will ask what you plea, guilty or not guilty. If you say that you are not guilty, the judge will give you a date for a trial. The judicial officer may also ask you to pay the fine.

If you have a misdemeanor or felony case, the judicial officer will ask you if you have enough money to pay for a lawyer. If you do not, the court will give you a lawyer for your case.

If the judge finds that you are, in fact, guilty, then he may give you the option of attending a traffic school. Otherwise, if you are found not guilty, your case will be dismissed and the court will return your fine with no points assessed.

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