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I Just Received a Ticket, What Do I Do Now?
I Just Received a Ticket, What Do I Do Now?
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Most courts will mail you a courtesy notice, usually within 2 to 3 weeks after you receive a ticket. The mail will go to the address on your driver's license.

Keep in mind, the courtesy notice is a courtesy - the real ticket is the one the officer gave you when you were pulled over.

The courtesy notice will include the amount of your fine, the court-imposed non-refundable administrative fee for traffic school if you are eligible to attend, and information on how to handle your ticket.

However, you can also check the status of your traffic ticket online on the court website. You do not have to wait for the courtesy notice or the court appearance date to make a decision. You can do everything online for most counties in California.

You can plead guilty, plead guilty and request traffic school or not plead guilty and submit a trial by written declaration to fight your case.

If you don't receive a courtesy notice, you must still appear at the court listed on the ticket by the due date given. Once you have paid your court fees, you will be given enough time to attend a licensed traffic school.

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